Job at The Millard Group



Part Time
Posted Wed, Jan 9

Must have the ability to proficiently communicate in English, spoken and written.

Must excel at standard janitorial responsibilities as your core duties, such as: mopping floors, sanitizing, trash removal, dusting, window cleaning, attending to restrooms, etc.

Must be willing to learn how to operate floor equipment (driving an auto scrubber) that we use on a daily basis to scrub the mall floors.

Must be able to work well as part of a team.

Must be able to work at a fast pace throughout the entire shift, as well as efficiently perform your duties in a crowded environment.

Must be able to lift 35-50 lbs and push / pull 35 - 75 lbs. 

Must be able to stand / walk 6-8 hrs.

Must be able to exercise proficient time management skills in order to complete all routine duties, and be prepared for unexpected clean-ups, all within the timeframe of your shift.

Desired Experience, Education and Training:  
Any previous housekeeping experience.

HS Diploma or GED

To apply: